2nd European Life Cycle Assessment Workshop – Nice (FR) – April 2015

The 2nd European Life Cycle Assessment Workshop will be held on 29th and 30th of April 2015 at Casino Palais de la Méditerranée, Nice (France). Vertech, as an organisator, and DBFZ DEUTSCHES BIOMASSEFORSCHUNGSZENTRUMGEMEINNUETZIGE as a participant, will represent the GRAIL project.

The increased awareness of the importance of environmental protection, and the possible impacts associated with products, both manufactured and consumed, has increased interest in the development of methods to better understand and address these impacts. One of the existing techniques for this purpose is life cycle assessment (LCA).
LCA addresses the environmental aspects and potential environmental impacts (e.g. use of resources and the environmental consequences of releases) throughout a product’s life cycle from raw material acquisition through production, use, end-of-life treatment, recycling and final disposal (i.e. cradle-to-grave).

These workshops have emerged from the necessity and mutual beneficial impact to share experiences and closely cooperate among European research projects involving LCA in their current technological development.

The first event of this type was held last February 6th in Leoben (Austria), in where important conclusions were gathered and as a fruitful and constant continuation of our work,Vertech Group is organizing the 2nd EU Life Cycle Assessment Workshop, that will be held next 29th and 30th of April in Nice, South of France.
It will include short summaries of reference projects, benefits from the LCA in those projects, challenges faced during the LCA analyses, discussion sessions and existing tools.

R&D Projects Brokerage event session
Participants will have the opportunity to present their project ideas and partnership requirements for upcoming H2020 calls, through brief 10-minute presentations both days of the event.

Date and Place // How to get there


Or contact:
Dr. Paola Castrillo
Tel: (+33) 0981096862 // (+34) 910228874
[email protected] // www.vertech-group.com


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