Health & Food Days (JAS) & 1st International PLEASURE Conference – FRANCE – June 2014

On 18-19 June 2014, Alexandru Rusu from Biozoon GmbH (BZN) and Monica Trif from CENTIV GmbH (CENTIV), partners of the GRAIL project, have been attended two events organized in La Rochelle (FRANCE):

  • Health & Food Days (JAS) organized by the cluster « CRITT Agro-Alimentaire »
  • 1st International PLEASURE Conference “SALT-SUGAR-LIPIDS REDUCTION” organized by the EU Pleasure Project coordinated by BZN (partner in GRAIL as well)



Monica Trif, CENTIV, with GRAIL dessimation material during the Health & Food Days – Journées Aliments & Santé


The dissemination materials used were the GRAIL press release


Monica Trif, CENTIV, representing GRAIL during the 1st International PLEASURE Conference


  • GRAIL e-NEWSLETTER #3 – February 2016

    March 4, 2016

    Project Progress  BIOTRANSFORMATION OF GLYCEROL TO BIOFUELS The biological processes for the biofuel productions are proceeding with the optimization of the different procedures. Hydrogen, ethanol and butanol were produced through different ways of fermentation (batch, fed-batch and continuous), using different type of crude glycerol as substrates. A meeting among WP2 partners will be held on the […]


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    The GRAIL project Open Day will be held the 9th of March in Brussels (Belgium) at ENEA’s facilities. The GRAIL open day is a dissemination event about the project designed to create awareness about it and its impact to key stakeholders of the field. At this event, different experts from biodiesel industry, politicians, etc. have […]


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    Project context and main objectives GRAIL is a glycerol-based biorefinery project aimed at providing high quality chemical products from cheap and abundant crude glycerol through highly integrated conversion technologies. Why is glycerol an important bio-based chemical? Crude glycerol is by far the most abundant bio-based chemical in the world economy. The reason is found in […]


  • BIOLATAM 2015 – Chile – November 2015

    November 12, 2015

    Roberto Horcajada -Inkemia IUCT Group, project coordinator of GRAIL- will have a presentation at the BIOLATAM 2015 event in Chile on Tuesday 17, November 2015 (09:00–10:30). The theme of his presentation is about bioeconomy and industrial biotechnology: The economic model of the future and examples of this industrial reality in Latin America. “White biotechnology includes […]